magnified image (200x) of size #1
  • Made of 100% cotton,more absorbent than Twisted and Braided type.
  • Knitted interlocking chains carry significantly greater quantities of hemostatic solution and provide an excellent medium for gel absorption and placement.
  • While preparation packing, knitted cord does not entangle in diamond bur.
  • Effective for gingival displacement and offers easy packing into sulcus.
Easy and convenient to cut the cord
Stainless steel blade inside the cap,
  • Cuts the cord automatically while snapping down the cap.
  • Holds the cord inside the cap so the cord does not fall back into the bottle after cutting.
  • Protects from cross-contamination

Patent No. 10-2011-0057230, 10-2011-0057229,
   20-0447858, 30-0576295
  • Color coded 6 sizes provide quick and easy identification in the sulcus.
  • Each bottle contains 100 inch (254 cm) of cord
  • 000(XX-Fine), 00(X-Fine), 0(Fine), 1(Medium), 2(Coarse), 3(X-Coarse)