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bluem® oral foam is a rich foam, specially developed to condition gums and oral mucosa for people on the road (no brush or water needed: just pump, rinse and spit). People with orthodontic appliances, such as (clear) aligners, night guards, protective mouth guards and dentures use the foam for fast and easy cleaning of their appliances. The oral foam contains a specialised formula, designed by a world renowned dentist and oral surgeon, which helps teeth look and be their best.

Feel instantly clean and refreshed!

Benefits oral foam
- unique formula focusing on active oxygen
- easy to apply
- ensures teeth and gums stay healthy
- easy method to clean dentures and orthodontic appliances
- ideally suitable for orthodontic appliances and sensitive teeth
- fluoride & alcohol free

For whom to use?
- people living the fast life: easy and fast oral hygiene on the move!
- people wearing orthodontic appliances like: clear aligners, retainers and fixed braces
- bruxists (people who grind teeth) wearing night guards
- people wearing dentures
- athletes wearing protective mouth guards
- people with poor breath or dry mouth
- people who went through oral surgery

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