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PDT is excited to introduce the Pineyro Arch™ Kit! It is the first instrument set of its kind specifically designed for implant debridement of full fixed implant restorations. The Pineyro Arch™ Kit allows all hygienists to treat full fixed hybrid patients without needing to remove the prosthesis.

The Pineyro Arch™ Kit contains 4 instruments to properly address all the difficulties in hygiene access for full fixed implant restorations.

  • Pineyro Arch™ Ti 1: Anterior Arch- to debride the anterior placed implants for a Full Fixed Hybrid, especially lingual area of lower anterior teeth, where calculus builds up frequently

  • Pineyro Arch™ Ti 2: Posterior Arch- to debride the posterior placed implants for a Full Fixed Hybrid, the special shape of the shank allows for proper access

  • Pineyro Arch™ Ti 3: Mesial/Distal Arch- to debride the posterior hard to reach mesial/distal areas on the implants for Full Fixed Hybrid

  • Pineyro Arch™ Ti 4: Specialty Arch- for all implants prior to taking impressions. Also used to clean off abutments for single to hybrid cases prior to cementation

These instruments can also be used for most other implant restorations including locator abutments, healing abutment and exposed threads.