COVID-19 continues to make  life difficult for us all.

As a supplier of premium branded dental products, our priority is for you to have the ability to deliver dental treatment to your patients in a safe and timely manner. Unfortunately, we are facing unprecedented delivery issues.

The reasons for this are threefold:

  • Our manufacturers are facing a lack of availability and increased prices for the raw material that they use.
  • Freight costs have skyrocketed due to the vast reduction of incoming flights. Shipments are getting bumped off their expected flight because someone else is willing to pay more for that space.
  • The governments of some countries have instructed manufacturers not to export certain products at all, so they can prioritise their domestic market.

Little ol’ NZ stands pretty low in the global pecking order, and our success in battling COVID-19 may even hinder the perceived importance of things such as Infection Control products even further, so stock management is even more important.

Infection control has always been a big part of our product portfolio but has been the hardest hit product group effected by COVID-19. We sell some of the best products available and our staff are well qualified to discuss this.

So, how can we help you in managing these problems?

  • Maybe where you may have brought one product at a time, perhaps you buy two?
  • Have your practice manager check your inventory at least once a week, and don’t necessarily wait to order on the first of the month.
  • Take the time to see your local rep who will be able to recommend an alternative product if your first choice is not available. It may even be that they recommend a competitor product or company.

The MTANZ member dental companies have been working closely on providing continuity of supply of PPE products. If we know that another MTANZ member can supply a product that we can’t, we’ll point you in their direction…

Our sales team and customer service staff are all doing their very best to look after your requirements. Sadly, sometimes they will be unable to give you a date for a product’s arrival. We ask for your understanding when this happens.

At Healthcare Essentials we value your business. We would not be here without you so thank you for your support over the last 27 years.

Don McRae, Managing Director and Company Founder