Shipping & Returns

Returns, Claims & Refunds. 

The purchaser shall immediately upon receipt of goods supplied, fully inspect such goods and satisfy themselves that the goods are correct. If the purchaser is not satisfied, immediate notice should be made to HealthCare Essentials with full details of unsatisfactory goods or supply. Unless the above procedure is followed, HealthCare Essentials is entitled to assume the goods supplied are correct and that no returns, claims or refunds will be made.

Terms of Payment

- Statement close-off is the last calendar day of each month.

- Net payment for all transactions is due by the 20th of the month following supply.

- Accounts that are in arrears may be placed on hold until payment to cover is received.

Freight Charges 

The purchaser shall be liable for freight charges on all orders. However back orders will be Supplied freight free.

Goods and Services Tax

We are required to automatically charge and withhold the applicable GST for orders to be delivered to addresses within New Zealand. Each customer shall be solely responsible for all sales taxes, or other taxes, on orders shipped to any other state or country.


Risk in any goods supplied by HealthCare Essentials passes when goods are delivered to the purchaser, or into custody on the purchaser's behalf.

Ownership and title

Ownership and title of goods supplied is retailed by HealthCare Essentials until payment is made for the goods and/or for all other goods supplied by HealthCare Essentials. If and when any such goods are sold by the buyer prior to payment, then the proceeds of sale shall be the property of HealthCare Essentials and shall be held by the purchaser as agent. This clause shall apply notwithstanding any credit arrangement made.

HealthCare Essentials or its agents are authorized by the purchaser to enter any premises of the purchasers to recover or repossess unsold goods or any proceeds of sale thereof, where the customer defaults under any payment arrangement with HealthCare Essentials.