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The world of dentistry is growing tremendously fast and will continue to grow. Ongoing education programmes are an important part of keeping up with the latest advancements in our industry.

To support Dental professionals with this our Clinical Affairs Manager will be providing training sessions that involve both theoretical and hands-on components, through the interactive dental workshops. We believe most of these topics will be beneficial to everyone in your team- dentists, therapists, hygienists and DA’s and help with team building. Healthcare Essentials is excited to invite you to participate in the training sessions below.

We will be presenting one or two topics from the below modules and followed by a hands-on. Register your interest here:


  • Infiltration Concept for minimally invasive dentistry
    Objective- Learn how infiltration works, eliminating the need to amputate the tooth structure. Case study discussion and hands-on.

  • True Bone regeneration
    Objective- Understanding how a fully synthetic bone grafting material with an inbuilt membrane works. This module also includes case study discussions and hands-on.

  • White Dental Beauty
    Objective- Understanding the science behind NOVON technology, discussing case studies and learning how to customise a perfect tray. Free sample at the end of the session.

  • Fluoride Varnish – Simple and most effective caries prevention tool
    Objective- This module includes understanding how fluoride works, caries risk assessment and guidelines to use a fluoride varnish according to the Ministry of Health.

  • Luxacrown – Long lasting crowns
    Objective- Learning how to bridge the gap between temporary crowns and permanent crowns and the clinical situations this is useful. Includes hands-on.

  • Activa Restorative- What is Biomimicry?
    Objective- Learn how bioactive materials work and why this approach is conservative and biologically sound. Includes hands-on.

  • Blue M– Oxygen for oral health
    Objective- Understanding how implementing slow releasing oxygen into oral hygiene products could help patients with faster wound healing and better oral health. Free sample at the end of session.

  • The Bioclear Method– hands-on workshop using the unique Bioclear matrices
    Objective- Learn how to treat anterior black triangles, posterior class II using injection moulding techniques and working with heated composites.

  • Adjuncts to Oral Health for Head and Neck Cancer Patients
    Objective- Course covers strategies to manage oral health complications during and after chemotherapy and radiotherapy and preventative measures before these treatments begin.


  • The sessions are available at your practice or our head office.
  • Materials needed for the workshop will be provided.
  • We will be providing a sample product to take away after the completion of training session, where possible.
  • CPD points will be available.
  • Lunch/tea will be provided.



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