Improving Aesthetic Integration

We have got a brand new clinical case demonstrating how Style Italiano's Dr Stefan Koubi prepared teeth for restorative dentistry and treated signs of Diastema and Microdontia.

Improving Aesthetic Ingration

He knew his patient wanted high quality aesthetic results whilst using minimally invasive methods, so he started the restorative treatment with a mild whitening solution that his patient could administer at home.

In this clinical case, Dr Koubi shows how 5% Carbamide Peroxide can be used to reduce sensitivity and enhance comfort during treatment whilst still delivering an improved whitening action.

But how?

A new generation of dentistry

Powered by NOVON®, a unique active ingredient in all of White Dental Beauty’s whitening gels, this novel 5%CP solution features an intelligent pH rise which causes an enhanced release of perhydroxyl ions.

For more information on the science behind this new generation of whitening gels, download Dr Koubi’s clinical case, or watch our video on NOVON® technology: