Message from Linda Miller, CEO & Founder Paradise Dental Technologies

We are excited to launch our first quarterly newsletter! PDT, Inc. is not just another instrument company. Our foundation is a culmination of concepts developed through years of listening, observing, and innovating.

Did you know that over 40% of dental professionals suffer from hand, wrist or arm issues? We worked with orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists to design a handle that would decrease the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and relieve your customer's fatigue. Lighten up and Get a Grip!

Additionally, anatomically color-coded handles make it fast and easy to setup and pick up instruments.

To increase patient’s comfort, we adapted blade shapes and angles to tooth surfaces as well as changed terminal shank angles for easier access! With a properly adapted blade it is not only more comfortable for your customers and their patients, it is also faster, more efficient and effective!

Everyone has a Montana Jack® on their tray whether it is for scaling or cement removal. Have you tried introducing our non-stick composite instruments to your customers? How about our 7 position scalpel handle? Both are built to help reduce frustration during common procedures, and can help to get your customers acquainted with our entire line of products that go beyond just hygiene. Making your customers comfortable will bring them back for more.

Click this link to learn more about our innovative products that are distributed in New Zealand by Healthcare Essentials.

~ Linda Miller, CEO & Founder, Paradise Dental Technologies

PDT colour codings