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Designed by a Dentist for Dentists

A new concept in dental trays, SafeTray provides a new, clean work surface for every patient. A strong reusable master dental tray supports a very thin disposable plastic liner providing a cross infection control barrier. The SafeTray dental tray liner eliminates the time, costs and chemicals involved in cleaning contaminated surfaces for re-use. It is environmentally friendly, can be recycled and comes in three configurations designed to allow individual management of dental instruments .

System A is designed for general restorative procedures and has supports for up to 10 instruments.

The system also provides:

  • Stand for 9 burs
  • 6 dispensing wells, two large, four small
  • Compartments for cotton rolls

The master tray is 2mm impact resistant ABS plastic,
The Tray liner is made from 100% recycled 0.2mm hard PET plastic.

Tray liner is 100% recyclable.

A barrier to cross infection  |  A clean work surface for every patient | Efficiency – no cleaning, no chemicals

SafeTray Technical Information

Dimensions: 330mm x 240mm x 23mm deep.

The SafeTray master trays are thermoformed from 2mm thick ABS plastic. A hard, rigid, chemically resistant plastic used for crash helmets because of its high impact resistance.

The tray liners are thermoformed from PET. The same plastic used for soft drink bottle. Because the tray is only 150 microns thick, one plastic soft drink bottle could make 10 trays.

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