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The Sweep 360R has a 3.6 gallon (13.6L) 8 inch deep tank.  It is the machine of choice for cleaning, orthodontic plier racks, clock movements, and a variety of industrial parts.  Dependability, reliability, and 43kHz of constant cleaning power make the SweepZone 360R the perfect cleaner for many professionals.

The SweepZone 360R is designed to be recessed into the countertop.  Installing the tank into the counter frees up valuable counter space and streamlines the cleaning and sterilization area. Constructed of stainless steel, the Sweep 360R operates at multiple cleaning frequencies: 43kHz +/- 2 kHz.  SweepZone Technology eliminates hot spots and weak areas throughout the ultrasonic cleaner by uniformly sweeping ultrasonic power across the tank. Using Pulse width Modulation (PWM), the Sweep 360R senses variations in cleaning loads, solution levels, and voltage fluctuations to deliver consistent and powerful cleaning results. It is shipped complete with tank, power generator, mounting rim and remote digital timer.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

  • 30 month warranty offers years of dependable, worry-free cleaning
  • A variety of accessories are available including baskets and instrument cassettes 
  • Also suitable for loose instrument processing
  • SweepZone Technology delivers powerful and repeatable cleaning results