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The blue®m sonic toothbrush is a smart and sonic toothbrush with 3 different brushing modes, a zone reminder and a smart timer. It also has three targeted vibration modes, making this toothbrush the foundation for optimal oral health.

  • powerful and effective operation due to high vibration speed
  • 3 different brushing modes
  • 3 specific vibration settings
  • reduces plaque
  • prevents and remedies sensitive gums
  • zone reminder and smart timer for optimal cleaning

The brush comes with two high density soft brush heads and a USB charging station. Additional brush heads can also be purchased separately.

A good toothbrush is essential

The right toothbrush is essential to optimize your daily oral care.

Let the sonic toothbrush do the work for you

Unlike rotating toothbrushes, the blue®m Sonic toothbrush has an oval brush head, so it actually looks like a manual toothbrush. The vibrating technology makes the bristles vibrate at high speed instead of rotating. The vibrations transform toothpaste into microbubbles that even clean between your teeth for an even more refreshing feeling after brushing. You also reach a larger area with an oval brush. So, in general, you reach more teeth with one brushing motion than you would with a rotating toothbrush.

Smart timer and zone reminder

The toothbrush features a zone reminder that ensures that all areas of the mouth are cleaned effectively. The 2 minute smart timer function gives a small vibration every 30 seconds. This way you will always brush all four mouth areas just long enough.

Prevents and remedies sensitive gums

The ultra soft and ergonomic DuPont brush prevents and remedies (further) damage to the gums. The chance of an infection is thus reduced. 

How do you use it?

The blue®m sonic toothbrush makes good brushing very easy. Remember to always be very careful when it comes to the delicate tissues in your mouth. Here are some tips for safe and effective brushing:

  1. Place the brush straight on the tooth surface just over the gum line. Use little pressure.
  2. Very important: Keep the brush still on the tooth for a few seconds, so that the brush can do its cleaning work. Important to remember when brushing electrically: the brush makes the brushing movement itself, so don’t move it back and forth!
  3. Move the brush to the next tooth. Follow the shape of your teeth so that the brush can also clean the spaces between them. It is very important to include the back of the last four molars
  4. A fixed brushing sequence ensures that you don’t skip any areas and thus optimizing oral hygiene. Stay concentrated and keep the focus for the best possible result!